The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing last decisions

 is on and I’m sure all our first-year applicants are wondering… what is taking so long?! It takes plenty of manpower and hours to learn 47,000 applications and we want to give every application a fair review in order to create the amazing, well-rounded, diverse, and successful Class of 2017. Let me pull straight back the curtain a bit and explain to you why it requires us many months to complete this process…

Since USC utilizes an approach that is holistic the admission process, our company is committed to reading and re-reading every piece associated with the application. You understand those short respond to questions you responded to? We read those. That activity summary you completed? Yup, we read every activity, company, and experience you listed on there. When I read a credit card applicatoin, i wish to reach understand you- your passions, your perspective, and most of all, hear your voice come through. This method takes time and thought you are as a student and a person as we try to understand how your academic performance, test scores, writing, involvements, and recommendations come together to paint a fuller picture of who.

The admission office may seem is—but it only runs as smoothly as it does through the use of multiple checks and balances throughout the process like it runs like a well-oiled machine on the outside—and it. We contact pupils when a piece is being missed by us of t Continue reading The Waiting Game. The countdown to mailing last decisions