Testing Cosmo’s Superb Brand Brand New Lesbian Sex Tips

Back July, Cosmopolitan brought its signature model of intercourse advice to lesbians when it comes to time that is first an illustrated slideshow called “28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Intercourse Positions” and, during the time, I became certainly one of its harshest experts. After an embarrassing night of grinding to my partner in a few increasingly precarious designs, I happened to be willing to compose the magazine’s foray off to the realm of lesbian intercourse forever. Jenny Block over during the Huffington Post additionally enlisted the assistance of some friends to experience Cosmo’s first group of lesbian intercourse recommendations and dubbed them “truly insane and downright impossible,” prompting a defense that is spirited Cosmo for which Lindsay King-Miller hinted that they’d publish even more roles later on.

Real for their term, Cosmo is straight back for lots more with a brand new set of “7 Totally Hot Lesbian Intercourse Positions” and I’m right right back, too, to place them through their paces to see if they’ve taken some of the criticisms they received to heart. Yesterday evening, after a lot of trepidation and an apology that is preemptive both my partner and my very own clitoris, we took the plunge once again, for technology. Continue reading Testing Cosmo’s Superb Brand Brand New Lesbian Sex Tips