We at Harsanik are enthusiastic about things wedding, but our favorite section of weddings would be the traditions that partners decide to integrate to their special day. As Armenians, we now have countless breathtaking wedding traditions to select from. Certainly one of well known Armenian wedding traditions may be the blocking of this doorway this is certainly carried out by family unit members on the bride’s part once the groom and bride are leaving the bride’s home.

Typically a male family member through the bride’s side will block the entranceway and require getting compensated to be able to permit the bride to go out of her family members’ home. Quite often this part associated with “bouncer” is completed because of the bride’s sibling, relative, or more youthful male relative. Often there is certainly just one bouncer as well as other times you can find a few who partner together to obtain the task done. Continue reading ARMENIAN WEDDING TRADITIONS: BLOCKING DOOR