Michael Douglas, Exactly About Oral Sex And HPV

The press curiosity about Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and throat cancer has exploded because of an meeting offered recently by Hollywood celeb Michael Douglas where he discusses their neck cancer, HPV, dental sex and a notably controversial, remedy for throat cancer tumors. The piece very first starred in The Guardian and will be considered right right here, there is a more substantial piece, additionally within the Guardian available here which talks about HPV but in addition about their movie that is latest about Liberace.

Although we welcome the increased general public understanding around HPV and cancer tumors, especially throat cancer tumors, there are some difficulties with the meeting and also the content that individuals wish to clean up. The reality is a bit more complicated than that and the subsequent reporting is not the most helpful when it comes to understanding HPV, how it is transmitted, who can get HPV and what can happen because of HPV while the idea of Michael Douglas contracting cancer through oral sex makes great copy for the press.


As a result of the increase media hype it may be quite easy to imagine that having dental intercourse with someone means you’ll probably get cancer tumors, particularly throat cancer tumors. This is simply not totally real. Instead you might be almost certainly going to obtain an HPV disease when you yourself have dental intercourse with numerous intimate lovers you could additionally get an HPV infection in one intimate partner. An HPV infection DOES NOT mean you shall get cancer tumors. When you yourself have numerous sexual partners and do have pleasure in dental sex without security (you may use services and products such as for example condoms or dental dams that provide some security) your likelihood of catching HPV increase. Continue reading Michael Douglas, Exactly About Oral Sex And HPV